LPG Valve with Safety Relief Device

The self-closing valve with safety relief designed with an automatic shut-off mechanism and safety relief valve. The combination of a self-closing and a safety relief valve provides enhanced safety control and protection. Self-closing feature prevent unintended leaks or release, while safety valve ensure that pressure remains within safe limits.


Inlet connection:  3/4” -14 NGT Taper 1:16 or

                                 25E 3:25 Taper (EN 11363-1) or

                                 25.4mm Taper 1:8 or

                                  1” Taper 1:10

Outlet connection:  Ø22 mm (G.54 – EN 15202) or

                                    Ø20 mm (G.52 – EN 15202) or

                                    Ø25.6 mm or

                                    Ø27 mm (G.59 – EN 15202)

Flow capacity: 5 m³/min

Set pressure: 26 bar

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