Industrial Gases

BCPL manufactures a variety of the highest quality of refillable gas cylinders. BCPL’s refrigerant disposable cylinders are used worldwide. Each disposable cylinder comes in a sturdy, protective shipping carton with a top access opening. Both the cylinder and carton are available in the standard design or as per the customized design as required.


The 50LBS cylinder is DOT39 approved. This cylinder is used to fill Adhesives and Foam by various customers across the globe.


Cylinders for balloon application for filling helium are available in three sizes: 7.1 L, 13.4 L, 27.4 L. Our Helium cylinders are DOT39 approved. They come in 5ply cartons with customised graphics based on the customer’s requirement.


Our propane tanks are DOT approved. Available in 20 LBS, 30 LBS, 50 LBS, 60 LBS and 100 LBS. 

Dissolved Accetylene

Our 3 piece welded cylinder is designed for filling Dissolved Acetylene gas. The cylinder has a water capacity of 41 L. The DA cylinder is PESO approved.

Methyl Bromide

Our specialised cylinder for Methyl Bromide has a water capacity of 14.4 L. It is made according to ISO 4706.


Our Ammonia Cylinders are PESO approved. They come in the following water capacities: 42L,  84L, 100L, 118L. Branding can be done as per customer’s requirements. 


Our Chlorine Cylinders are PESO approved. They come in the following water capacities: 42L,  84L, 100L, 118L. 

Chlorine Tonners

Our Chlorine Tonners are PESO approved. Designed as per ASME Section VIII  Div. 1. They are customised as per the customer’s requirement. The chlorine tonners undergo rigorous tests keeping all safety measures in place in order to give our customers a high quality and safe product. 

Brazed Cylinder

Brazing cylinder in 0.88 L is designed for the Indian as well International markets. This cylinder is suitable for MAPP gas, Propane and Oxygen. The handheld cylinder makes it portable and easy to use for brazing purposes. The cylinder is designed as per DOT39.