LPG Liquid Off Take (LOT) Valve

The Liquid Off Take (LOT) valve is specifically designed with a screw-on type handwheel operation for easy and convenient handling. It enables the smooth off-take of liquid LPG from storage tanks or cylinders. The handwheel operation allows users to control the flow of liquid LPG with precision.

Safety is of utmost importance, and the LOT valve incorporates essential safety features. It includes a safety valve that acts as a pressure relief mechanism, preventing over-pressurization within the system. This safety valve ensures that the pressure remains within safe limits, reducing the risk of accidents or equipment damage.

Additionally, the LOT valve is equipped with an excess flow check valve. This valve is designed to automatically shut off the flow of LPG in the event of a sudden increase in flow rate. It acts as a safety measure to prevent excess flow, such as in the case of a damaged hose or pipe, thus ensuring the safety and integrity of the LPG system.


Inlet connection : 3/4”-14 NGT 1:16 Taper (IS 8737) or              

                                25E 3:25 Taper (EN 11363-1) or

                                25.4 (Type 4) (IS 3224)                         

Outlet connection : 1-1/4”-5 ACME (G.29 – EN 15202)

Flow capacity :  6 m³/min

Set pressure : 20 bar

Excess flow : 7.5 lpm (+10% -20%) at 7 bar

Filling rate : 20 lpm at 12 to 25 bar

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