Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) with an installed lower check valve, designed to effectively prevent over-pressure in tanks. This advanced configuration offers exceptional protection against physical damages, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the system.

With the lower check valve strategically positioned, this PRV eliminates the need for tank evacuation during inspection or service.

Equipped with our proprietary Pop-Action mechanism, our relief valve allows for a controlled, slight opening in response to moderate pressure increases. Beyond a pre-determined threshold, the valve undergoes a full “pop” opening, effectively safeguarding the tank against excessive pressure.

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Pressure relief valve PRV:
Start to discharge: 17.6 bar
Inlet connection:  M36x2

Check valve:
Inlet connection: 1-1/4”-11.5 NPT
Flow rating of PRV with check valve: 50 m³/min and 80 m³/min
Rated at 120% of set pressure

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