Combo Valve

Combo Valve is specifically designed for 450kg LPG cylinders, offering exceptional performance, convenience, and safety. Here are the key features 

  1. High Capacity Fill Rate:
  • Efficient Filling: Combo Valve ensures a high capacity fill rate, allowing for faster and more efficient filling of the 450kg LPG cylinders. This saves time and improves productivity in commercial and industrial applications.
  1. Convenient Maintenance:
  • Component Replacement: Combo Valve is designed for easy maintenance. In the event that a component needs to be replaced, it can be done without the need to empty the entire LPG cylinder. This minimizes downtime and ensures continuous operation with minimal disruption.
  1. Excess Flow Device:
  • Enhanced Safety: The built-in excess flow device provides an additional layer of safety. It automatically shuts off the flow of LPG in the event of a sudden increase in flow rate.
  1. Fixed Level Gauge:
  •  Accurate Monitoring: The Combo Valve incorporates a fixed level gauge, allowing for convenient and accurate monitoring of the LPG level within the cylinder. This helps users keep track of the remaining gas and plan for refills accordingly.
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Inlet connection: 1-1/2”x11.5 NPT

Filling connection: 1 3/4”-6 ACME(G.31 – EN 15202)

Offtake valve male: M36x2

Vapour connection: 0.885” (CGA 510/ G.10-EN 15202)

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