Actuator for Combo Valve and Quick Coupling (QCC) Connection: Efficient Liquid Transfer with Enhanced Safety Actuator is specifically designed to facilitate the connection between the Combo Valve liquid off take and the Quick Coupling (QCC) system. 

  1. Actuation of Liquid Transfer:
  • Seamless Liquid Flow: Actuator enables the efficient actuation of liquid transfer from the Combo Valve liquid off take to the Quick Coupling system. It ensures a smooth and controlled flow of liquid, allowing for reliable and precise transfer operations.
  1. Quick and Leak-Proof Assembly:
  • Groove Design: The Actuator features a groove that allows for quick and hassle-free assembly of the QCC system. This ensures a secure and leak-proof connection, eliminating the risk of any fluid leakage during operation.
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Inlet connection: M36x2

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